Welcome To The Bellaire Band

Anyone wanting to be in the Cardinal Band will be accepted, auditions for accpeptance are not necessary.  Chair placement will be done during summer band which begins the first Monday of August.  

Step 1:  (Email the Director)  Send Dr. W an email stating that you want to be in the Mighty Cardinal Band.  Dr. W's email address is  wwaltem1@houstonisd.org

Step 2 (HISD  Zoning):  If you are zoned to Bellaire, then go straight to step 3.   If you are not zoned to Bellaire, or do not know which school  you are zoned to , use the tools below to determined which high school you are zoned to, or ask your middle school office.   If you are not zoned to Bellaire, please complete ALL three applications below before Thanksgiving!  Campus transfer applications will not be considered if you did not apply for the Magnet and IB program also.



Where Am I Zoned Tool?  



    Apply for a Campus Transfer       Apply To The Magnet Program      Apply To The IB Program

Step 3 (Sign Up For Band On Your Choice Sheet)   If you have any issues, contact the director or counselor ASAP




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